What Did My Kid Do?

So today at work this two year old boy fell outside while playing and got a little scrape on his thumb… When his mom got there to pick him up before I said anything she saw it and gasped and said

“Wow Freddy! Are you okay does it hurt!?”

And of course, after being reminded it was there, the boy said

“yes” in a super winy voice.

Like are you kidding me, come…. On….. Well whatever!

I explained, he was running on the playground and he fell and she said

“Oh no Freddy that’s why you always walk right!”

lilly and kid (1)

Like I understand parents have different ways of parenting and they don’t like seeing their children hurt, but trying to make your 2 year old boy walk on a playground is beyond me.

Of course if they’re hurt pick em up, kiss em, but then let them be on their way!

If you’re not there when it happens, don’t remind him an hour and a half after it happens about it and make it as if he lost his finger!

Just think about how small a 2 year olds thumb is….. A scratch cannot be that bad.

Anyway, these kids at work are always going crazy constantly running and jumping off things and I think, it is most definitely because they’re parents at home keep them in bubbles and don’t allow them to be kids so they use the opportunity to let extra loose and do anything they possibly could to let energy out.

I think that also has a lot to do with, what I said in my other post, why kids don’t know how to play. Because their parents restrict them from things like running, and climbing, and just jumping because “they’ll get hurt”.

So when they get to daycare and their parents aren’t around, they don’t want to sit and play with Legos and puzzles, they just want to run and do things their “not supposed to” because I feel children crave that kind of stuff.

I believe they actually need it to develop properly.

Of course this is my own opinion and I know some others won’t agree so feel free to speak your mind.

Also a lot of the 1 1/2 year olds bite, and get bitten and get hurt a lot by the other kids.

When this happens to a child a lot of the times the parents get mad at the workers even though there’s nothing that can really be done, but they never consider or ask,

“What did my kid do?”

Lilly gets hurt sometimes by another kid in daycare, and I always ask first thing,

“What did she do?” She’s always done something to provoke it.

Of course no kid deserves to get bit or punched by another kid but most of the time, it happens for a reason.

In order to be the bitee you normally would have had to of done something to piss the biter off to get bitten.

Parents don’t think that way though.

They just get mad and stomp around and blame everyone else for their kid being a douche and taking little Cletus’s toys!

Like little Cletus got sick of it so he bit your sons arm so he would stop doing what he was doing!

I just find it funny that not one single parent has ever asked what their kid did to get another kid to physically hurt them.

Well, That’s all I gotta say about that.