Know it all super power please…

To this day I still think my mom knows everything.

Literally everything.

I can ask her what’s the temperature in Taiwan 3 days from now
and she’ll know it in .5 seconds and then give it to me in Celsius.

I can’t help but to pray to God that Lilly doesn’t think I know
everything when she gets older.
emillilly me and my mom
That’s way too much pressure because I really really want to know
everything like my mom does, but if I can’t even make my own decisions
without asking my mom, how can I be her mom and help her with hers!

Please Google it because I do not want to figure that math equation
out and I really don’t want to be wrong.

Literally everything she’s going to ask me in the future is going to
be on hold until my mom answers my text message with the answer.

I’m hoping this mom thing comes with a know it all super power
eventually, because I’m gonna need it pronto.

Till Next Time,

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Vitina connolly - 11/06/2015 Reply

It must be a natural thing thinking that our parents know everything especially our moms, after all it seems like they taught us everything we know, but in reality we don’t know everything, however, if my child ask I will give my opinion or research the answer, I suppose that makes us Super Moms, including you. Lilly will always go to you for the answers as you did & do your Mom & your Super Powers will materialize.

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