When it comes to pretty much anything, I look for the best and cheapest deals. Especially with makeup!!! I'm definitely a different breed when it comes to this. Like my cheapness gets real.

I'm going to share with you my horrible, embarrassing makeup selection that will have you MUAs cringing and probably start seizuring. Read more to find out what's in my pitiful makeup bag.




So I was at the dollar store one day and was looking for a clear nail polish and started looking at the makeup since it was in the same aisle. WELL, while I was just rummaging through, I thought to myself "I could really use a highlighter" and then saw this little thing of white/silver sparkles... Yes I bought something that looks like a kids bottle of makeup sparkles to use as a highlighter.... Worst part? I actually use it!!!

In my defense, before you get mad and X out of this torture, it's really not all that bad, okay!? It is actually really subtle and doesn't look like I threw sparkles on my cheeks. Well who knows it might. But it looks fine to me?!? 

See what I mean!? Not SOOOO bad, right? For a peasant makeup doer..? The bottle lasts such a long time too!!!!

The other "highlighter" I wear when I want to look decent but don't want to really wear makeup, is my homemade chap stick that I talked about in my last blog, "Winter Skincare Tips". (you can get the ingredients to my chap stick in that blog)

Click HERE to get my chap stick recipe and to read "Winter Skincare Tips".


I know you're probably thinking "what's wrong with white eyeliner?" Well nothing. Nothing is wrong with white eyeliner. BUUUUUTTTT I have had this eyeliner pencil for YEARS and it's broken soooo its really tiny... and I actually use it. Why don't I get a new one? I DONT FREAKING KNOW! It still works but its sooooo tiny and so cracked and broken LOL. It's pitiful. 

But I mean hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it (even though it is technically broke but you know what I mean). I use this pretty much every time I do my makeup. It really makes eyes pop and look a little bigger.


Concealer is an important part of makeup and I think you'll agree. Well I don't mess around with mine! I literally use every last drop of my concealer. Like I scrape the sides of the tube until there is no more left and I don't get a new one until it's all gone. I don't know why. It's like a little game I play with myself or something. I get so annoyed that it's so hard to get any out and that it's not covering enough and all I have to do is get a new tube!?!?

Every. Single. Time. 

Can you see what I mean? This is no joke LOL.


One of my most favorite parts of doing my makeup are the BROWS!!! Buuuuuut of course I have to do something weird with this too. I don't use anything fancy, just a pencil. But It's a dark brown eyeliner pencil... I was at my moms house one night getting ready to go out and forgot some of my makeup home. So in a rush I went to the closest store which was a Stop and Shop and all they had was eyeliner. So being desperate, I grabbed one and crossed my fingers. 

Let me tell you. I love this thing!!! I dont know why, but I love this eyebrow pencil formally known as eyeliner!!! I really think when it's time to get more, I'm gonna look for this.

I've tried a lot of fancy eyebrow stuff. They were all too much for me and took too much time. I like it to be quick and simple and not look like there's two caterpillars on my face.


I CANNOT do my eyebrows and not finish with an eyebrow gel. But I think mine may be a little different from yours... As you can tell, I'm pretty cheap and unconventional lolol. Well lately I have been using aloe vera gel.. Yes you read correctly. Aloe gel. I just squirt that baby on a spooly and gel down those brows. Normally I use hairspray but I ran out. Again, cheap. So I just used the next best thing that i could find and that was my aloe! Although I prefer the hairspray method, aloe works really well actually!  

And if you think i'm crazy, Just look for yourself! not too shabby, eh? I mean not as bad as you were probably thinking. The cheapness of this really gets me happy. I have a problem.


When it's all said and done, the outcome really isn't as bad as you think. I wear these things every time I do my makeup and go out. So now whenever you see me with makeup on, you know how much of a half assed job I did on my makeup and all the fake makeup I used to make it happen. Totally try that hairspray and aloe vera eyebrow gel though. They're both pretty great.

Here's the outcome!  

Although it might not be what you MUAs do, I'm always pretty happy with myself after I do my makeup. So if you're gonna roast me, please be gentile.

If you have any interesting/unusual makeup hacks or things you use that may be unconventional, leave a comment and let me know!

And don't forget to put in your name and email at the end of this blog so we can "stay connected" so you wont miss any of my new posts!

Love all you beauty queens!!!!!!!! <33333333333 <-----feel like I'm on Myspace. 

Love, Emily & Lilly 🙂

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