Mothering and Housewife Things, and Stuff

I decided to get serious about homemaking.

I can’t believe I even said that,

But the fact is I work a full day now, five days a week.

I have a little baby and I live with my boyfriend in my brothers house, renting a room (well I have two rooms, ours and the baby’s)

emililly me lil and erik

and life is so busy that I find myself as if I’m in a hamster wheel-going nowhere but always moving.

I don’t want to keep living that way.

My mother is “The Tidy Tutor” and she has been after me to get on her system.

She even gifted me the workbook, and her time to help me get it together, and I finally took her up on it.

emily shopping 2 (1)

The other day we spent the entire day cleaning the kitchen, making a menu plan and grocery list shopping for it dividing up the food and putting it all away.

It wasn’t fun, but when I woke up this morning it really felt great.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.13.02 PM

Like I had some control over my life, and my health.

Lunch is made for Lilly, which I did before, but it’s different today because I know what she will have tomorrow and the next day, everything is in order and I have direction.

It was like I felt like I knew where I had to go, but I didn’t know what I had to do to get there.

Frustrating is a word I could use to describe everyday doings.

Let’s face it, even though we may have seen it working by our mothers, we didn’t really want to know how it worked, you know what I’m talking about, mothering and housewife things, and stuff.

I’m faced with adulthood, and even though I don’t think I’m ready for it, it makes me think I need to be, and I want to to live life on purpose.

More next week, as I progress, working with The Tidy Tutor (my mother) and my new grown-up life.

OH! Next week I will share the meal plan I made up,
and the grocery list. The food lasted me 3 weeks, and
all I had to get were some extra things like fruit, and
bread and milk.


emillilly pic her



Know it all super power please…

To this day I still think my mom knows everything.

Literally everything.

I can ask her what’s the temperature in Taiwan 3 days from now
and she’ll know it in .5 seconds and then give it to me in Celsius.

I can’t help but to pray to God that Lilly doesn’t think I know
everything when she gets older.
emillilly me and my mom
That’s way too much pressure because I really really want to know
everything like my mom does, but if I can’t even make my own decisions
without asking my mom, how can I be her mom and help her with hers!

Please Google it because I do not want to figure that math equation
out and I really don’t want to be wrong.

Literally everything she’s going to ask me in the future is going to
be on hold until my mom answers my text message with the answer.

I’m hoping this mom thing comes with a know it all super power
eventually, because I’m gonna need it pronto.

Till Next Time,


What Did My Kid Do?

So today at work this two year old boy fell outside while playing and got a little scrape on his thumb… When his mom got there to pick him up before I said anything she saw it and gasped and said

“Wow Freddy! Are you okay does it hurt!?”

And of course, after being reminded it was there, the boy said

“yes” in a super winy voice.

Like are you kidding me, come…. On….. Well whatever!

I explained, he was running on the playground and he fell and she said

“Oh no Freddy that’s why you always walk right!”

lilly and kid (1)

Like I understand parents have different ways of parenting and they don’t like seeing their children hurt, but trying to make your 2 year old boy walk on a playground is beyond me.

Of course if they’re hurt pick em up, kiss em, but then let them be on their way!

If you’re not there when it happens, don’t remind him an hour and a half after it happens about it and make it as if he lost his finger!

Just think about how small a 2 year olds thumb is….. A scratch cannot be that bad.

Anyway, these kids at work are always going crazy constantly running and jumping off things and I think, it is most definitely because they’re parents at home keep them in bubbles and don’t allow them to be kids so they use the opportunity to let extra loose and do anything they possibly could to let energy out.

I think that also has a lot to do with, what I said in my other post, why kids don’t know how to play. Because their parents restrict them from things like running, and climbing, and just jumping because “they’ll get hurt”.

So when they get to daycare and their parents aren’t around, they don’t want to sit and play with Legos and puzzles, they just want to run and do things their “not supposed to” because I feel children crave that kind of stuff.

I believe they actually need it to develop properly.

Of course this is my own opinion and I know some others won’t agree so feel free to speak your mind.

Also a lot of the 1 1/2 year olds bite, and get bitten and get hurt a lot by the other kids.

When this happens to a child a lot of the times the parents get mad at the workers even though there’s nothing that can really be done, but they never consider or ask,

“What did my kid do?”

Lilly gets hurt sometimes by another kid in daycare, and I always ask first thing,

“What did she do?” She’s always done something to provoke it.

Of course no kid deserves to get bit or punched by another kid but most of the time, it happens for a reason.

In order to be the bitee you normally would have had to of done something to piss the biter off to get bitten.

Parents don’t think that way though.

They just get mad and stomp around and blame everyone else for their kid being a douche and taking little Cletus’s toys!

Like little Cletus got sick of it so he bit your sons arm so he would stop doing what he was doing!

I just find it funny that not one single parent has ever asked what their kid did to get another kid to physically hurt them.

Well, That’s all I gotta say about that.



A Few Rants

I don’t know what to write about so I’m just going to be writing
whatever pops into my mind at the moment so it’ll probably be
annoying and whiny rants about absolutely nothing.

First I have come to notice that kids don’t know how to play now-a-days!

At the daycare that I work at we do something called “the Fun Bus” every
Wednesday and basically what it is, is a bright green bus that kids go on
and run an obstacle course in for 20 min.

Part of the course was a little trampoline and one of the kids got on it
and asked “what do I do?” And I said “jump!” And the kid jumped off….

From Top to Bottom: My 2 cousins, Alyssa and Vitina, and me.

em vitina and alyssa (1)
Also when we go outside there are at least 3 kids just sitting on the wall
just waiting to go inside.

Kids can’t even do tumblesalts, and they’re in pre-K and kindergarten!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think it’s very strange.

Some parents are super strict and freakin weird.

My friend watches 2 kids after school for about 2 1/2 hours and the little boy
got a scrape on his leg from being outside so the mother told my friend they’re
not aloud outside anymore….. Are you freaking kidding me?

That’s how you’re kids end up being the super annoying dweebs that no one wants
to talk to in school.

Okay so there’s that.

My second whiny rant is if we’re not friends and only talk when I see you at parties
every 10 thousand years, don’t pretend like we’re friends for the moment and say
I miss you.

What is even the point like you just make it awkward because I’m not going to say I
miss you back because Idc about your existence, sorry.

Talk to ya again in another ten thousand years.

Rant # 3: STOP TRYING TO BE “in”!!!!!! “In” is not in to me.

Me in high school. An example of doing what isn’t in before it was in.
em shave

If what the hip new lingo and apparel is not you, stop trying to make it you just

It’ll just end up pissing you off, me off, and most likely everyone who notices what
you’re trying to pull.

In my opinion “in” is whenever YOU like at the moment, not what it seems like everyone
is into if you catch my drift.

Last but not least, if I just meet you, please don’t tell my your life story about how
when you were three you didn’t like peas but now at 23 you love them but the boy you like,
doesn’t like you back, but he likes carrots.

I’m super nice so you probably wouldn’t even notice but I don’t care. And no one else does
either. Sorry kiddo.

So those were some things That really grinds my gears. Annoying and whiny? Yes. But what’s a
blog without it right? To be continued….. Because God knows there’s a lot more things I
can’t stand! ??

emillilly pic her


School, and what to do?

I never wanted to go to college because I just never liked school.

I love to learn, but just not the whole school thing if that makes sense,
but I did go from high school, and I would have done well if I just handed
in all the work I did.

I literally did all my work but I didn’t want to be there so bad that I didn’t
care if I handed any of it in so I would either not go, or just end up forgetting
it at home. Make sense? No, I know, but that’s the stoy I tell myself.

I originally went to college because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do
because that’s just what everyone told me and that’s what most of my friends
did after high school. I was told that it would be different and that I would
like it but it didn’t make a difference to me, it was still school with teachers.

I think a lot of the reason I didn’t like college though was because I didn’t know
what to go for so I had nothing to be excited about.

It was just like going back to highschool.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 1.28.05 PM

I can go back now (since I had the baby) but I still don’t know what I want to do and
also I wonder how I can make it happen now that I am independent of my parents and have
a baby, everything is more difficult in the position I’m in, as I knew it would be.

Public assistance is something that I thought would be of help to me.

I thought it would help me get on my feet and be on my own, but in the state of New Jersey
if you’re going to college, you get no help if you have a baby, only if you’re unemployed
and have no income and are not going to college.

If you’re on your feet even just a tiny bit before you go for assistance, they wont help
at all and I don’t want to be not on my feet on my own, so I had to decline that help.

I’m very thankful that I have a roof over my head and the ability to work and the help
that I do have like the help I get from my family and obviously my boyfriend (Lilly’s
father) and his income that adds to mine, but my options, like going on a vacation, getting
an apartment with my boyfriend Erik, and even just shopping for a new tank top are very slim.

I know I’ve made the choices that has me exactly where I am, and that because of them there are only
a few doors that can be opened at the moment for me.

That’s why am doing this.

My mother always says, “Doing nothing gets you nowhere.” and so here I am, doing something.
Blogging, trying to figure out what I should do and be.

Life is hard, which is not bad. Anything worth getting is not easy. Learning a language,
becoming a dancer, a piano player, a bodybuilder, anything worth getting for yourself is
always going to start off hard, I don’t mind hard. I don’t mind working and doing. I
do mind not knowing what to do though, and so here I am doing something but kind of nothing
all the at the same time.

emillilly pic her


Everything Always Works Out

It’s so freaking crazy how everything always ends up working out for me!!!

Like I had no money basically this whole week, with no food in the fridge,
but I still ate every single day and didn’t find myself hungry for a second.


Like one day a box of macaroni appeared on my porch in a bag, the next day
my boss provided lunch for all the staff, and then I went to an outside event
in Rutherford and I got free pizza because the pizza they were selling got
too cold to sell.

It’s so crazy and awesome how things just go my way day by day. I find myself
hardly ever worrying because I know in the end everything is going to work out
and I know I have God to thank for that and also my positive personality. Idk
if it’s like that for everyone, but I hope it is.