A Few Rants

I don’t know what to write about so I’m just going to be writing
whatever pops into my mind at the moment so it’ll probably be
annoying and whiny rants about absolutely nothing.

First I have come to notice that kids don’t know how to play now-a-days!

At the daycare that I work at we do something called “the Fun Bus” every
Wednesday and basically what it is, is a bright green bus that kids go on
and run an obstacle course in for 20 min.

Part of the course was a little trampoline and one of the kids got on it
and asked “what do I do?” And I said “jump!” And the kid jumped off….

From Top to Bottom: My 2 cousins, Alyssa and Vitina, and me.

em vitina and alyssa (1)
Also when we go outside there are at least 3 kids just sitting on the wall
just waiting to go inside.

Kids can’t even do tumblesalts, and they’re in pre-K and kindergarten!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think it’s very strange.

Some parents are super strict and freakin weird.

My friend watches 2 kids after school for about 2 1/2 hours and the little boy
got a scrape on his leg from being outside so the mother told my friend they’re
not aloud outside anymore….. Are you freaking kidding me?

That’s how you’re kids end up being the super annoying dweebs that no one wants
to talk to in school.

Okay so there’s that.

My second whiny rant is if we’re not friends and only talk when I see you at parties
every 10 thousand years, don’t pretend like we’re friends for the moment and say
I miss you.

What is even the point like you just make it awkward because I’m not going to say I
miss you back because Idc about your existence, sorry.

Talk to ya again in another ten thousand years.

Rant # 3: STOP TRYING TO BE “in”!!!!!! “In” is not in to me.

Me in high school. An example of doing what isn’t in before it was in.
em shave

If what the hip new lingo and apparel is not you, stop trying to make it you just

It’ll just end up pissing you off, me off, and most likely everyone who notices what
you’re trying to pull.

In my opinion “in” is whenever YOU like at the moment, not what it seems like everyone
is into if you catch my drift.

Last but not least, if I just meet you, please don’t tell my your life story about how
when you were three you didn’t like peas but now at 23 you love them but the boy you like,
doesn’t like you back, but he likes carrots.

I’m super nice so you probably wouldn’t even notice but I don’t care. And no one else does
either. Sorry kiddo.

So those were some things That really grinds my gears. Annoying and whiny? Yes. But what’s a
blog without it right? To be continued….. Because God knows there’s a lot more things I
can’t stand! ??

emillilly pic her