Rocks, Precious Stones and Reality

Sometimes I wish I was still a kid.

Not because of the carefree life and lack of responsibility,
but because of the way I would look at things.

For example, I used to really love rocks and I still do, but
I used to REALLY love rocks. A cool looking rock to me was a
rare stone from a palace that went missing millions of years
ago or a ancient crystal from the dinosaur era.


But when I look at a rock now that I think might look cool, I
just think of a rock that has already been seen before.

I also used to think so highly of myself whenever I would start
something new or do something that I loved. Like I really like
sports, and when I was a child I used to think that I was the best
at everything and would always increase my own confidence, but now
I’m always nervous to start something new because I think what if
I’m not good enough, or there has to be SOMEONE better than me.

Which may be true, but who cares right?!

Why can’t I just think I’m the best and do my best at whatever the
task is!? Sometimes I hate my stupid adult brain.

To be continued..